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I welcome President Obama’s decision to maintain a U. We, and the entire international community, should continue to provide significant development assistance in the areas of health care, entrepreneurship and education. A 2013 Rand Corporation study found Afghanistan’s metrics have improved in nearly every area of development.By maintaining our presence and support, we are encouraging the Afghan government to keep its security commitments to the Afghan people and to build on economic and anti-corruption reforms and the rule of law.Many of the materials in this collection are not found in Afghanistan itself, having been destroyed in the wars of the last decades or in natural disasters.Others are unique, and the Library of Congress holds the only copy.“One of my goals as Librarian is to open up the riches of the Library of Congress to all people, wherever in the world they might be,” Hayden said.“I am so thrilled we had these items to share with the people of Afghanistan.

Today, one of those women, Nasima Rahmani, is a leading lawyer and educator, working toward her Ph D. Women in Afghanistan are changing their lives and their nation. Afghanistan’s first lady, Rula Ghani, has launched a project to establish a female-only university, run by women. There are four female government ministers and two female provincial governors.Now she advocates for women and children and serves on the parliament’s international relations committee. It is a global hot spot that before 9/11 became a terrorist haven, and it is a young country: The median age is 18.3 years. We need to ensure that Afghanistan cannot again become a terrorist haven or fall to the Taliban or the Islamic State.In the interest of our own national security, we must assist Afghan security forces. We know, and the Afghan people know, that we will not have troops in Afghanistan forever, but the country remains fragile, and the cost of leaving Afghanistan is too high.Fifteen years ago, barely 5,000 girls were enrolled in primary school. Thousands of women have started their own businesses. Bush Institute is releasing a new book, “We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope.” The book recounts inspiring stories such as Rahmani’s, reminding us of both the challenges Afghan women have endured and the incredible successes they have achieved.It is hard to find another country where women have made such substantial gains against such overwhelming odds in so short a time.

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