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During Jeff's first week at Greendale, he met fellow Spanish 101 student Abed Nadir and tried to get the attention of another classmate named Britta Perry.

This involved forming a fake Spanish study group which backfired on him when she invited Abed and he in turn invited Annie Edison, Shirley Bennett, Pierce Hawthorne and Troy Barnes.

It was unsuccessful and he returned to Greendale where he accepted an offer to teach Law.Jeff hates talking about his feelings and tries to maintain a facade of detached aloofness.His frequent avoidance of such emotional conflicts sometimes results in rare moments of vulnerability After his law firm discovered that Jeff's bachelor's degree was falsified, Jeff was disbarred.His charming personality and persuasiveness are traits which served him well when he was an attorney.As a child he admired the divorce lawyer hired by his parents because he did his job without letting his personal feelings get in the way helped shape the more negative aspects of his personality.

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