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There was no need on any of the screw lid type jars for attaching a punty rod to the base of the jar (which creates the pontil mark) because the thread area and lip was created in the mould when the jars were made.

(not applied in any way) That being said, let's move on to specifically Ball jars. Ball first started making jars in 1885 in Buffalo, New York.

There are 22 ounce Ball SURE SEAL jars which take a special smaller size Lightning type lid..

Ball had previously made the wire bail type Ball SURE SEAL since the early 1900's.

But these jars DO NOT have the "dropped a" as seen with the earlier jars. Ball added gripper ribs to their jars about 1933-1934 after the acquisition of the Brockway SUR-GRIP patent.

(the vertical ribs on the side which enabled better handling)..

The "rounded-square" shape was adopted in 1942 as a way to save glass.

(the war board required all glass manufacturers to adopt this shape because they determined that it was the most efficient shape to contain a volume).

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