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'She just takes care of kids, she raises goats and makes homemade cheese. Joann's sister-in-law Leslie Ward said she rushed to the church after hearing the gunfire from her home, and found her six-year-old nephew Ryland, lying in the pews.

He is still in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

I didn't always like what you said, but you allowed me to tell you and together, you let me flourish.

Solis and her husband Joaquin Ramirez were close to not going to church that day, but Solis convinced him they should.

In an interview with KSAT, Ramirez recalled in Spanish how Kelley went around and shot all the crying babies point blank with his assault rifle. And then after no one was moving they were just laying on the floor, he walked up and down all the aisles shooting everyone as they laid on the floor, she said.' The massacre finally came to the end when local resident Stephen Willeford ran to the church with his own gun.

Nine-year-old Rihanna (sitting next to Emily) had her glasses shot off her face but survived The Corrigans, originally from Michigan, were named among those killed, according to the Clare County Director of Veterans' Services.

Robert Corrigan was an Air Force retiree and the couple has two sons currently on active duty.

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