Hospital accomidating bariatric

Slot Radiography provides a quick and efficient way to acquire long leg and full spine images.

Images can be acquired with the table in any position (from supine to erect) making weight-bearing procedures easy.

I’d look around and compare my fit in the chair with someone smaller and notice that their stomach didn’t stick out above the arms of the chair and that they had room around them. Should hospitals add chairs big enough for one and a half people when they remodel?

I never felt that the chairs should have been bigger. By the way, John and I tried to sit in that chair-thing together and we fit, but barely.

It wasn’t a good feeling to see those chairs and think that parts of our society may be giving up and just accepting obesity as part of life.

Yes, to accommodating chairs in a hospital, or just stick with the regular sized chairs and benches?

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BUT, the hospital chair I was sitting in would have accommodated me at 300 pounds. And sitting in that tight chair in a hospital would have made me think again about my weight and that might have been a good thing.

I know that every time I sat in a tight chair during my 10 year fight with obesity I thought about the fact that I really needed to do something about my weight.

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