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Some eight weeks later this committee submitted its Report and the Council was pleased to express the highest approbation of it. On page 42 he writes: The expression Year of Masonry which preceded the 4000 year code on the front-page of Andersons Constitutions in 1723, is found four times in the Minute Book No 1 of :he premier Grand Lodge. The same code appears a little later on a Warrant delivered in America by Bro. Fournial states that the first day of the week should be regarded as Sunday.The Circular throughout the two Hemispheres in which this Report was included, used the Jewish Calendar in three different places, but this was by no means the first use of this system of reckoning in a masonic document. These four examples would tend to show that at that time these words were not yet attached to a specific code: In France no masonic dating codes whatever are to be found on the earliest extant documents. Wonnacott gave an example of it in connection with the Rite of Seven Degrees in London (AQC 39, 1926, p. Francken (see 2.3.) to the Lodge of Perfection in Albany (NY) in 1767, and on Patents he delivered to Bros. It is used in the Francken Manuscripts (1771 & 1783), the Constitutions and Laws of the Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime Masons in Baltimore found in the Eckel papers, dated: in the year of Masonry 7792, quoted by Schultz, History of Freemasonry in Maryland, 1887, p. According to some reference books (Mackeys and Coils Encyclopedias, Lennhoff & Posners Lexikon) a 530 year code would have been used on Royal Arch documents and named Anno Inventionis (A. The Minutes of the Founding of the Grand Orient de France by the Grande Loge Nationale (1773) which were published in 1931 by Bro. Groussier had the capital idea of reproducing some of these Minutes in facsimile, so there is no question as to the accuracy of his transcript.In Scotland January 1 had been in use for New Years Day since 1600. 216: In Ireland, this 11th Day of May 1795 & of Royal Arch Super Ex. Under Calendar we can read in Mackeys Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (p. The French Minutes preceding these Reglements indicate that they had been drawn up on the model of Rglements handed over by the Most Respectable and Perfect Lodge of Scotland in Bordeaux.A completely different system exists in dating masonic documents with the help of the Jewish Calendar. No latin word begins with these four letters (Coed) and one might assume that the copyist intended to write Cd., meaning Anno Cdis, or year of death, referring to J. The Patent of Constitution granted by Thomas Dunckerley for a Conclave or Chapter of Encampment in Bristol on this 1st Day of January Anno Lucis 5795 quoted by Bro. 173 of the 1956 printing): Thus, the 1st of January, 1872, would be styled, in a French Masonic document, the 1st day of the 11th Masonic month, Anno l.ucis, 5872. Several documents from the Sharp Collection presently in the Library of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (Lexington, Mass.) and of which a microfilm set is deposited at the Bibliothque Nationale, Paris, bear this type of coded month date as well as a clear date.Jean de Jerusalem de l Orient de Paris (published in The Freemason, July 1885 and in Villard de Honnecourt, Tome X, 1974) seems to have been used some three years earlier in a Craft document: the Reglements & Loix particulieres sent by lodge La Parffaite Union de la Martinique to the parffaite harmonic lodge in Nouvelle Orleans (Louisiana) on 16 July 1752 (LAn de la grande Lumire (sic) cinq Mille Sept cents cinquante deux... in: Das Tau (Zeitschrift der Forschungsloge Quatuor CORONATI, Bayreuth, Nr. The expression Lan de grace (The Year of grace') is used on the Stamps et Rdglemenrs du Premier Soueerain Chapitre de Rose-Croix (established in Paris 17 June 1769). 64, a cenificate drawn up by the Lodge of Edinburgh (Marys Chapel) No. The text is fully quoted in Alain Le Bihan, Francs-Masons et Ateliers Parisiens de la Grande Loge de France au XVIII' siecle (Paris, 1973), pp. Hewins comments on these Srarucs in his review of Bro. The expression of the Christian Era is found at least twice on the transcriptions of 1813 documents by Bro. The Constitutions of 1786, in their French or Latin versions, neither use nor make mention of the Jewish Calendar. The three years difference between the (Vulgar) Year of Masonry and its accurate Year (see note 7, previous page) sounds puzzling, although it is logical. 96) and also on the Liste ancienne et nouvelle des Maitres des Loges Regulieres de la Ville de Paris et du Roiaume de france..., dated : Lan Maonnique 7762 of which a facsimile reproduction was published by Bro. Therefore 12 January 1755 became 1 January 442 and 3 July 1756, 22 June 443. This is probably not the case and documents quoted by Runkel in the first volume of his Geschichte der Freimaurerei in Deutschland show a 1313 code in documents from 1772 (p. In a recent paper published in Chroniques d Histoire Maonnique No. Etienne Fournial notices that this type of coded dating puzzles most masonic historians.

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This should be considered, at the very least, a misleading statement. on page 16 (this was mentioned in the Corrigenda) and on page 30 (this was not). A few months later, the same text was reprinted in Charleston as part of an Appendix to an Oration which Bro. This last document is also the first one signed by the notorious Lacorne as Substitute of the Grand Master. 112) that during the elaboration of the Strict Observance system, namely between 17, a specific chronology was devised by van Hund and his associates according to the following code: 11 March 1313 (not 1314) was taken as the date of Jacques de Molays immolation and accordingly documents were dated by subtracting 11 days from the month date and subtracting 1313 from the year date. 68 & 69) that the dates given by von Hund with the 1313 code were the result of mistakes for 1314. This is not a code and should be taken as the real date of the month, that is 23 March (or April &c.) converting only the coded indication of the month (see 1.2.1.).

It appears for the first time an the front-page of Andersons 1723 Constitutions preceded by the expression In the Year of Masonry and was used again (see p. This document emanated from the Perfect Lodge of Scotland situated by 56 North Latitude which might correspond to Edinburgh. after a (faulty) Jewish date (document transcribed in Official Bulletin of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, Vol. 172), which constitutes to my knowledge the first appearance of this expression in a document in the French language. This was the first day of the last week in May 1773. The date modification seems to have been made there for the first time. This is a copy of the one republished in London by the Supreme G Council of 33 for England & Wales in 1846. A note at the end of a Grand Orient Circular Letter dated 12th day of the 6th month of the year of the true light 5774 (= 12 August 1774) says: In order to set up uniformity and accuracy with regard to dates, the G.

13) on the front-page of the 1738 Constitutions (but with the addition of the word Vulgar). One year later the expression Year of Light (Lan de Lumire) 5749 is used in a letter written in 1749 by the Perfect Lodge of Scotland of St. 1757 (e Vingt neufvime Avril de lannee mistrieuse Cinq mille sept cent cinquante Sept et de lan de grace Mille sept cent cinquante sept) on a Warrant delivered by the Tres Respectable Loge Ancienne Saint Jean de Toulouse quoted by Groussier in Documents relatifs l Histoire du G ordinary style the 1 August 1758 (stile ordinaire le 1er Aout 1758) in the confirmation by the Grand Lodge of France of a Warrant for the Lodge La Sagesse, also in Toulouse, quoted by Gaston Martin in Manuel d Histoire de la Franc-Maonnerie Franaise, p. The masonic Year 5763, the 9 April 1763 (LAn maonnique 5763, le 9 april 1763) on a document joined to the Minutes of the adoption of the Statuts de l Ordre 1763, also quoted by Groussier, Note 1 of his publication of these Statuts, relating the exclusion of Bro. Writing in 1765 what would seem to be an official letter to the Grand Lodge of France, Etienne Morin dates his letter from the anne M-que 5765 A. le 7 mars 1765 (quoted and transcribed by Choumitzky in St-Claudius No. Later documents will show some more expressions like: A. Mendoza spoke in his Inaugural Address (AQC 94, 1981) together with a 4000 coded year-date; Year of the (our) Lord or Year of our Lord Jesus Christ together with an uncoded year-date. Jones mentions that a lodge constituted in 1742 used to print its summons from an old plate bearing the words constituted A. The third day of that week was June 2, the date indicated in the Minutes quoted above. In 1905, on page 66 of his book The Ancient Accepted Scoaish Rite of Freemasonry, William Homan reproduced in facsimile a printed version of that same document which he describes, p. issued in 1813, by the Supreme Council for the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction, United States of America. This London reprint has of the Christian Era same as the MCosh booklet.

Nowhere is it possible to find a simple method which permits the conversion of a date from one calendar system into another. The only known document issued by the Supreme Council in Charleston which makes use of the 4004 code is the Patent authorizing Mr. This reprint included the Appendix to the 1803 Oration (Charleston edition), the 4004 code used for the dates of the Circular throughout the two Hemispheres and the same foot-notes. of the year 7768, of the restorn 2299, Equall to the 1st of June, 1768. Two different lines appear then on American documents : one is first found in 1794 on the Patent delivered by Moses Cohen to Hyman Isaac Long in Jamaica. There is no certain way to knowing which, except the origin and the period at which the document being considered was issued.

It is frequently stated that the Jewish New Year begins in September. All the year dates were therein corrected according to the 4004 code. Delahogue to establish the Sublime Degrees in New Orleans (transcribed in the Official Bulletin of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, Vol. 738) dated; Anno Lucis 5808 and of the Christian AEra the 29th July 1804. The first use of this code seems to be found in France. van Rensselaer, Hays and Stringer in 1768, a 531 code is used preceded by the expression Year of the Restoration. This is, of course, the Prince of the Royal Secrets Rite (or Morins Rite). The same code is also included in the Form of a Submission drawn up for the use of the Thrice Illustrious Brother David Small in the Francken Manuscript 1783 (f 309): ... It uses Year of the Restoration together with dates of the Jewish Calendar. But it should never be decoded according to a January is the first month code (as Bro.

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