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This anxiety interfered with their ability to marry well: Some failed to form satisfying romantic ties, while others rushed impulsively into unhappy marriages.This may explain why children of divorced parents tend to have a lower relationship quality as adults.According to the General Social Surveys (GSS), 18 percent of adults who were raised in an intact family have ever been divorced or separated, compared to 28 percent of those who lived in a non-intact family. Finally, parental divorce when their offspring are in their twenties may even inoculate them against divorce.

In 2006, a third sample was added for a total sample size of 4,510. Fagan and Althea Nagai, “Mapping America 62: Divorce or Separation: Family Structure in Adolescence,” Mapping America Project. This entry draws heavily from Effects of Divorce on Children.

Men whose parents divorced are inclined to be simultaneously hostile and a “rescuer” of the women to whom they are attracted, rather than the more open, affectionate, cooperative partner, more frequently found among men raised by parents of an intact marriage.

They are also more likely to be more violent toward their partner.

While parental divorce affects the child’s view of marriage, girls may be less influenced in their attitudes towards divorce “because they have more role models of intimacy and marriage as the ideal in their environment than boys do, especially in the media.” By contrast, boys have fewer role models of intimacy outside of their families.

Hence a father’s modeling of interpersonal skills is more important for boys.

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