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The current playlist contains more soothing and easy-going tunes instead of more upbeat and dance oriented music that the station was known for. Because Since of late a lot of people I know were fed up with what is being played on local radio.

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So listeners will no doubt get to hear some first class music especially in the morning beam.

Prior to that both TV (ETV) and print media along with E FM itself were carrying promotions and trailers about the launch of new E FM. Several well-known radio personalities have also moved over from other stations.

E FM went on air for the first time at around 7 in the morning along with the commencement of newly set-up Morning show. The present line-up includes Mark Kross (YES FM), Lenny G (GOLD FM), Diamon Deen (LITE 89.2), Brad Stevens (YES FM) and a few newbies as well.

Also, on July 26, a vigil was held in Kellogg Park, Plymouth, mourning the death of the 138 Michigan soldier to die in Iraq.

The much publicized change of E FM came to effect on the 12th September. A bunch of high-profiled DJ’s from the local entertainment scene have joined with E FM.

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