Updating wii without internet

We may collect, use and disclose personal information that (a) you provide to us; (b) we collect automatically; and (c) we receive from other sources.

Please refer to Nintendos Privacy Notice, located on Nintendo.com, for information on how we collect, use and disclose information from our users.

Neither the sale, transfer, license, nor the use of your Wii U System transfers any title or ownership of any of our intellectual property rights.

We reserve all rights that we have not expressly granted in this agreement.

You will be able to transfer worlds to the new version.

Our privacy notices describe how we collect, use and disclose information from our users.

By using your Wii U, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

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You agree not to use your Wii U System in an unlawful manner or to access the systems, devices, accounts, or data of others (including Nintendo) without their (or our) consent.When using the Network Services, you must abide by this Network Services Agreement and all other applicable rules, policies, and notices that are posted on the Nintendo Website or in the Nintendo e Shop (collectively, the "Agreement").By using or accessing a Nintendo Device or the Network Services, or by agreeing to this Agreement in the user interface of a Nintendo Device, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you may not use any of the Network Services.For the purposes of this Agreement: "Affiliates" means entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with Nintendo of America Inc.; "Content Provider" means the party that grants a license to Digital Content, which may be us, a third party application provider, or a third party game publisher; "Digital Content" means digitized electronic content made available to you through the Network Services or that is compatible with and authorized by us for use in connection with the Network Services, such as games, videos, music, images, text, applications, and any updates, replacements, or add-on content associated with any of the foregoing; "Network Account" means an account that you create and maintain for your use of certain Network Services that require an account as permitted herein; "Network Services" means those services we offer to you from time to time from a Nintendo Device, a personal computer, other devices authorized by Nintendo, or online, and may include, without limitation, the Nintendo e Shop, access to or delivery of Digital Content or related software, applications, support services, access to Third Party Services, and access to or use of a Network Account, or of information, data, and other materials relating to any of the foregoing, and any additional terms and conditions under which each of the foregoing are provided; "Nintendo Device" means a Nintendo-branded device that we authorize for use with the Network Services; "Nintendo e Shop" means the shopping services we make available as part of the Network Services that may be accessed through a Nintendo Device (or through any other methods or devices that we may authorize for such access) for purchasing or otherwise acquiring a license to Digital Content and for purchasing other items that we offer from time to time; "Nintendo Website" means our websites, including those having home pages located at "Third Party Services" means the services, applications, software, and data that are made available by third parties through the Network Services; "User Content" means text, images, audio, video, reviews or other content that you create or is licensed to you and that may be accessible and viewable by the public or other Network Service users; and "User Manual" means the information manuals that we make available to you on your Nintendo Device and at support.nintendo.com, or that we make accessible to you through the Network Services or other methods, including any updates to those manuals that we may post from time to time.Nintendo grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license, subject to the terms of this Agreement, to use the Network Services as permitted under this Agreement solely on a non-commercial basis.

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